Wednesday, 6 July 2011


I finished the actuated valve today. It took a while but i did a good job and it is quite robust. The one small problem is that the key in the motor shaft comes out, but i think I have a way to fix that. It is also quite a lot bigger than i intended. For the second valve i might try to put the motor and the valve on the inside of the beam, as long as everything still fits.

 The motor has a shaft with a keyway which was fine, but the valve had a square shaft. How do you cut a square shaft in a plate you might ask...... Well I was stumped by that one for a few days. There are manny ways of doing it. The way it would be done in any sort of volume is by punching it out with a die. There is also a special tool whose name i cant remember that can cut square holes. I also thought of cutting the square out with the plasma cutter (which i don't think would have gone well) or cutting it out with a fine bladed saw. I ended up drilling out a hole the size of the smallest square file i could find then filling out the hole to a square. It took two attempts but in the end i got a snug fit. Also the reason the plate on the valve is so wide is that otherwise it would hit the beam.

Also i had a really good idea for silver catalyst for peroxide. That being silver from speaker wiring. Its very fine and should be pure. If i got enough of it, it could make a nice catalyst pack. I might try some tomorrow with the %35 peroxide i have. The other day i saw a bandaid that had a thin layer of silver on it that was supposed to have antibacterial super powers. I tried it but it had very little reactivity, although i think it might also be because the peroxide i have might be quite stabilised. I ordered a TDS meter ages ago to measure stabilisers but it was one of those ebay sellers in china that take forever to ship products. But for now i want to concentrate on the nitrous engine.

I also did some more plumbing on the test stand today. Ariel didn't end up coming over today so I didn't get any electrical stuff done. Also i didn't get the load cell mounted, but i did make the cooling jacket and started drilling and tapping the injectors on the bottom injector assembly.

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